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Express Your Affection This Valentine’s Day

7. February 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a week away. Are you planning to do something special for your Russian sweetheart? If you’re short on ideas, here are four simple ways to show her that you care.

Send a Virtual Card

There are a variety of thoughtful e-cards for gentlemen to choose from, including a new batch of Valentine’s Day cards. To send a virtual card, simply write an email as you normally would and then choose one of the e-cards listed below the “Send” button. Sending a virtual card is quick, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to show a lady that you’re thinking of her.

Send a Sweet Letter

If you want to send something a little more unique and personal, why not write a love letter or poem? Many men are afraid to write romantic sentiments because they are intimidated by the poems and letters from great authors or because they’re afraid their efforts won’t be any good. These concerns, though understandable, aren’t necessary as most women will be delighted by the effort alone. If you’d like to express your feelings in a letter or poem, here are a few tips to help you get started.


Send a Gift

There are a variety of gifts gentlemen can send to a special lady. Check out Hot Russian Brides’ gift shop to make a selection.  Not sure what to give a special lady? If you and a Russian woman are just starting to build a relationship, you may want to select a small, yet thoughtful gift like flowers, candy, or a stuffed animal. In a more serious relationship? Consider jewelry or English lessons. Don’t over think things, however, because your lady is sure to love whatever you pick out for her.


Schedule a Video Chat Date

You may not be able to see a special lady in person this Valentine’s Day, but you can still see her lovely face on camera thanks to the wonders of video chat. Schedule a chat date with your Russian sweetheart and wish her a happy Valentine’s Day.

We hope you and your lady have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!