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Fearful of Russian Women Scammers?

25. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Doubt, worry, and most importantly, fear; these emotions plague men who are new to the exciting world of international online dating. Many adventurous, open-minded bachelors are able to abolish their apprehension about Russian bride scams, while others just can’t overcome the power of fear.


While HotRussianBrides.com offers several features to prevent scammers and protect members, men still have to conquer their own fears within to be able to thoroughly enjoy this unique matchmaking experience.


The first step is to limit exposure to the sources. Many times it’s the media or negative people that perpetuate exaggerated fears. In the case of Russian bride scams, it’s the websites and blogs that are written by competing companies to slander each other’s services. If men are searching the internet all day for negative information, they will always be fearful. Rather than wasting time falling for the marketing ploys of bogus blacklists, men can talk to real Russian women themselves and make their own decisions.


Another way that many people eliminate fear is by visualizing positive outcomes. Thoughts are very powerful and some say that if one thinks about something long and hard enough, it will find its way into the physical realm. If men spend time thinking about building meaningful relationships with Russian ladies online, they may be pleasantly surprised when their thoughts become reality.


Men who have very few fears often have a huge amount of faith. Not necessarily religious faith, but more like confidence in oneself, belief in the Russian brides, or trust in the Russian dating process. Many of the suspected scam stories can be shrugged off by simply having faith in common sense. Smart men know not to send money to someone they’ve never met, and not to give out any personal information before really getting to know them. Men who are confident, careful consumers rarely get conned.


“You must do the thing that you fear until the fear of that thing becomes no more,” is a famous mantra from Brian Tracy, an author, speaker, and trainer on personal achievement and development. The best way to conquer fear about Russian dating is to try it. Many members have admitted that while they were skeptical at first, once they began communicating with the beautiful, charming Russian and Ukrainian women, their fears and worries were long gone.