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Featured Couple: Atler and Arina

22. May 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

ARINA: We are writing this story with a very strong desire to thank this site for our wonderful meeting, the chance to find our happiness and to be together. I had been registered on this site for a long time and I was about to getting disappointed because it seemed nobody could meet my requirements to the partner. He appeared in my life in the saddest period when I was going to stop my searching.


Everything happened so fast that I even did not notice as we planned our real meeting. I was really nervous at the meeting with Atler. I am just a woman and of course it was important for me to be physically attractive as well as interesting in my views and desires. I was afraid to ruin everything with some word or act. But the destiny was favorable to me and... we are planning our wedding right now!!!


I feel the greatest happiness from the feeling of love and understanding that it’s mutual. We would like so much to share our story with all members of this wonderful site and inspire them for acts to be together. Our life has the place for miracles!