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Featured Couple: Carroll and Elena

29. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Elena: We had our wedding on June 2nd. Thank you for all your help and that we were able to find each other. We are very happy. The wedding was very beautiful. There were lots of guests. Carroll has lots of friends and they all wanted to come and celebrate this day together with us. His mother from Texas was there as well. She was very happy for us. She was calling me her daughter. We got married in the church. Carroll prepared a surprise for me. They decorated the hall with yellow and blue colors- the color of our flag. And all the guests learned something in Russian. I was so pleased and so happy. I was immediately accepted by his friends and family and we often spend time all together. I also have friendly relationship with Carroll’s children. We are planning to bring my daughter here before the New Years. We are doing very well and want to thank you one more time.