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Featured Couple: Chaz and Inna

18. April 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides CoupleChaz: How can I begin? One of the most exciting trips I have ever enjoyed. The agency, Nathalie, Natasha, Igor my driver and the people in general. I was a king in their City. I have no real words how a man of my age can begin to explain how all evolved took me in as a family member, treated me as a real person. You can’t stop wanting more …for the attention and caring they gave me.


For anyone interested in a trip to Ukraine, Take it. You will thank God you did. What a proud People, a very hard working Class with more love for humanity and their fellow man I have ever experienced. They are very Intelligent there education surpasses, they know more of us then we of them. You have to see and feel this yourself. Every morning like clockwork my driver picked me up drove me too my Cafe had Coffee / Tea and Chocolate... and that Ukraine Chocolate… Swiss look out…


While my lady Inna was working I was taken to markets, sites of the town. The history behind each City... My translator also leaving her home and family to be with my Driver Igor, has so much to say about the care they give every Guest in their Country and city. I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful time I had in there city. It was too short. Believe me when I say this, you get caught up in everything. My first day I was a bit scared, yes just a bit, but that next morning the world just opened its arms. My accommodations where spotless; very clean and big. My flat was living, kitchen, bedroom, dinning, bath, and a tub so big, I purchase food so I could prepare in my on flat, when I was not out eating at many different restaurants around the city, went to theater in surrounding cities. And again thanks to a great driver Igor a father of two beautiful children i met went out of his way and time with his family to take me everywhere, sometimes more than a 100km from city where I stayed. I cannot thank him enough.


When my lady got off her work, we drove back and picked her up and it got better. I went to her home, Met her family, I was welcome like i was a family member we ate great food and drank homemade Vodka. Let me say that was a treat. And the food, oh how can I put this... Fabulous, it was worth the trip just to eat. I could go on for hours explaining everything I did in such a short visit I had, but one thing is for sure I will be back there, and I will use the Agency, the best, recommended five stars in my book.