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Featured Couple: David and Anna

3. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

David: In November, I met others ladies. But none filled me with the feelings that Anna did on that first meeting. This trip to Lugansk started out bad. British Airways lost part of my baggage. It was found but not returned by the time I left. In that baggage was gifts for Anna, he mother and her son. Nothing on this trip was arranged through the agency. It was totally arranged by myself and Anna. However, the ladies at the agency were very helpful. They made calls to the airport in Kiev and tried to locate my luggage.


Since before my first trip I have been learning to speak Russian. I now can speak basic Russian and understand much of what Anna says without a translator. Anna also has taken English classes and understands most of my words. I have filed for the K-1 marriage visa. As soon as it is approved I intend to fly Anna and her son here for our marriage. The agency was very helpful on both visits. They have gone above and beyond what I expected of them.


This was my second trip to Lugansk. This time to see only one lady. Anna and I met on my first visit last November. We have been chatting ever since I left. Somehow on our meeting I knew instantly she was the right lady for me.