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Featured Couple: Elena and Jim

18. May 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

ELENA: I want to share my happiness with everyone who read it! Dreams come truth!! My dreams come truth at this site where I’ve met my man who brings love, care, and happiness into my life. At the beginning when I just joined this site, I read happy love stories and couldn’t believe one day happy love story would happen with me…But now, looking back at all my hesitations, I want to wish to everybody, don’t lose hope, because love exists and it exists no matter what - distances, borders, language barriers…..From my own experience I know how romantic and happy it can be….How gently its growing from acquaintance and communication into deep feelings…when finally it is impossible to live without each other even one day…


I’ve met Jimmy in autumn 2009 and he charmed me with his sincere, romantic letters , then we started to communicate more often, met in chat, and I was even more charmed-with his loving kind heart…When I saw how he cared about me and my son I thought I want to spend the rest of my life my this man... I want to say thank you to the agency in my city, to manager and translators for their understanding and support. I wish love and happiness to everybody who reads this….and may all your dreams come truth!!!!