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Featured Couple: Frank and Valentina

24. November 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Valentina: When I found out about the agency for the first time, I thought to myself: “Let me take a chance, perhaps I will be lucky!” And guess what! I did not have to wait very long. Thanks to the wonderful people at the agency I met my destiny. Dear ladies, believe in love and luck and you will find what you wish for and deserve. Believe in miracles and good luck to all of you!

Frank: The Agency gave me the opportunity to find a love I could never find in the US. The inner beauty of those women exceeds their physical beauty and I find this to be the most wonderful part of my experience. The agency has thought through many aspects a person like myself is concerned about, before I could ever think what obstacles I would find in my search for a special love that could never be found in America. These people at the agency know about the risks, and how best to keep and protect the interests of their beautiful women as well as balance and protect the safety and interests of a foreign man who dearly desires the kind of love we only read about in the best of the love stories. I am excited in my new love and fiancé and only because I put my faith and trust in such good people, that I have come to know at this Agency, have I arrived in such a place. This place I find myself is almost too hard to believe is happing to me, and very much best described as a dream come true. P.S. Learn her language, cherish this precious person the agency made possible.