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Featured Couple: Irina and Steve

8. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

 Irina: I cannot convey my thoughts of deepest appreciation for you with mere words.  I would just like to say that I am glad that there is such agency as yours. You help single people find their other half and provide helpful guidance in the process. You helped me find my love, Steve, and helped me find the way to his heart. I had always believed that with your help I would create my family.


The people at my agency lead incredible lives full of joy. Some people take years learning how to live such fulfilling lives, they even consult psychologists, take classes and read tons of books on the subject. But others are born with radiant personalities and they are the ones who aspire to change the world by helping others. These people can be different in many ways, but the one important thing they have in common is their ability to give their absolute best to help others. Blessed are those who have met such people in their lives as they have shared with you their love and happiness.


Love is a great miracle. Believe in it and walk towards it. Your faith is the key. Do not be discouraged by failure. If today things did not turn out the way you wanted, they will tomorrow.


I wish all the best to those who are tirelessly looking for their happiness. I wish you to have wisdom to discern your special man among others and to keep him in your heart and soul.