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Featured Couple: Jason and Yulia

17. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Jason: Let me say that before I went [to Odessa], I had some reservations. There were people that said I would get scammed, or taken advantage of, or that the women were all fakes and models who deceived men who wrote them letters.


But my experience was different. I didn't get scammed. I was met at the airport by Slava, a wonderful representative of the agency he works for. All the people there were so nice to me. They truly had a genuine interest in me and my well-being. When I got depressed because I didn't know how the lady I was seeing felt about me, a couple of workers offered me tea and talked to me, and made me feel better. It was a bunch of little things that they did that they didn't have to do, but they did it anyways.


The translators were great, and very flexible. I had a great time. I know that my opinion may be somewhat biased for the positive, seeing as how my relationship with the woman I have been corresponding with has worked out great. But I had a very positive experience, and certainly it was nothing like some of the bad reputations that exist in the U.S. towards this kind of thing.