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Featured Couple: Kenneth and Oksana

23. August 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

OKSANA: "I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my agency for the life changing experience. I want to thank the entire staff of the agency, including the translators, the manager and the director. They all worked together to help me change myself and then change my life. They have always treated me in a highly professional and ethical manner. They helped me conduct my search in a consistent and confident way. I was always excited to visit the agency because I knew I would be greeted by the most courteous and hospitable staff members who always found a way to cheer me up with a kind word. I feel that I have truly changed and so did my life. Thanks to this agency I met the man who has become my match. I had been waiting for him for so long! Our serious relationship began when he shared his views on bringing up my daughter. He recently asked to adopt my daughter and give her his name. This is a gesture of a very caring and loving man. I feel like his princess! We are very happy and getting ready for the wedding. I am very thankful to my agency for the enormous worked they've done."