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Featured Couple: Kevin and Irina

11. February 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Kevin: Hello! My name is Kevin and I want to share with you my happy love story. I can definitely tell you that I am the happiest and the luckiest man in the whole world. I found my true love and soul mate Irina, an amazing young lady from Vinnitsa and I believe that the most bright and vivid moments of our life is just ahead.


I met Irina at this website more than year ago. At first we were just a friends but our communication were developing successfully. From day to day we were spending more and more time together in chat. After half of a year of communication I decided to come to Ukraine and meet Irina. We fell in love from the very first sight. During my trip to Ukraine we spent together two amazing weeks. We visited different places of interest and were getting know each other more and more. During my second trip to Ukraine we understood how much we mean to each other and we spent two hot and unforgettable weeks on the seaside of the Black Sea. We had a good rest and we were already planning our common plans for the future. By the way Irina had far to perfect knowledges of English so it was not very easy to find a common language. But love is able to make all problems disappear. And now we are on the way to be together forever.


Next month she will be in USA with me. And in a couple of months we are planing to have a wedding. Due to the all problems on our way, we managed to create something more than just a friendship… Our internet talking grew up in a serious relationship with the happy ending and marriage. Two loving hearts found each other being apart for thousands kilometres. Me and Irina had lots of difficulties on our way to be together, but nevertheless we believed in love and its power. That helped us to join two loving hearts from two different continents together. Who doesn’t believe that love doesn’t know any measures then here is a perfect example for you. It is really possible to find your love wherever you are…


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