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Featured Couple: Leila and Christopher

3. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Featured Couple

Christopher: I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank you for all your help and support - Your 'Ukrainian counterpart' Slava was extremely helpful, and I didn't have to wait for long for his reply and information. I just came back from being in the Ukraine for a week. The lady that I went there to meet, Leila, treated me like I was a 'celebrity'! I was never in want of anything, and her entire family not only accepted me, but treated me as 'one of their own' - Too, it was a very 'culturally enriching' experience learning firsthand about their country, customs, and beliefs - We do plan to marry, and I have already started the process of immigration to bring her here to the USA - We both understand, that this will be time consuming, and 'tedious' but we both believe that in the long run, it WILL BE WORTH IT!


Leila: Christopher and I are together at my agency. This is a true gift from God! God made all my dreams and wishes come true! He gave me the man I wanted with all my heart. He is compassionate and wise; he represents the best qualities a man, a husband and a father should have. I am very grateful to my agency for helping me to find my happiness. I thank God and my agency for becoming the bridge that connected our souls. Stay optimistic and have faith in God and you will have everything you wish for!