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Featured Couple: Lilia and Reinhold

13. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Lilia: We were destined to meet! Our love story proves that there is room for miracles in everyone’s life and that miracles do happen, if you believe in them. I believed that a time would come and I would meet a man who would understand me without any words being spoken; a man who would love me even though I am not perfect; a man who would prove to me that true love is real and it exists. After eight years of being alone, I met the man who had always been in my dreams.


I have met him by chance on the Internet after eight years of loneliness and being a single parent, after eight years of emptiness and frustration. Neither he nor I could foresee this happening. Our first chats, our first letters and our first meeting were so hard to imagine. It was not easy for me, but the outcome made all the effort worth it! If you truly want to be happy, you have to fight through the difficulties and continue to remember that once you find the man who loves you, nothing else will matter anymore. Don’t give up and have faith is my motto and the principles that helped me find my love!


I am grateful to all the people at my agency for all their hard work, endless patience and perseverance even during the times when everyone else around me showed lack of faith. I want to tell you that my example proves that everything is possible should you believe in yourself.