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Featured Couple: Nelia and Lewis [Video Testimonial]

27. September 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Curious about other people on our site? Not sure you can find love online? Watch how Lewis found the love of his life in 5 months on HotRussianBrides.com.


His best advice is "It's won't work, unless you are 100% honest."



Lewis: I first heard of Hot Russian Brides through a man I met at Odessa airport on my return trip from an unsuccessful visit with a woman who lives in Nikolaev! I heard good things about the site so I joined when I got back home in America. To my surprise I was flooded with letters from interested women. Hot Russian Brides suggested I date several women at the same time to avoid rejection. By nature I can only date one woman, so I had a heck of a struggle trying to find one with so many to choose from! Nelia made it easy for me as she found me! Just before that another woman found me as well, so I now had a struggle between two women! I gave both of them a very rough time trying to decide who to date and I discovered that I still had unresolved issues from my previous relationship! Nelia stuck with me through this tough time until I saw that she was the one for me!


Nelia: I'm very happy to have registered on this site! Because here I've met my man. Sometimes I had doubts that it's possible to meet a man through I-net, but when we met at the airport, I've forgotten about any doubts and I've understood many things! You should never be afraid of changes in your life. You should never be afraid to let love in your life. The week I've spent with Lew was like in a fairy-tale. I've forgotten about the time and the date. It was like a sweet dream and I didn't want to awake from it. It's possible to fell in love at any age. Don't be afraid of those feelings. And I can't express in words what feelings I had when he put the ring on my finger. I wish every woman in the world feel tha tat last once in her life. Now my man and my future husband is back home and he prepare the documents for me to go to the USA. I'm missing him very much and I'm very impatient to see him again and to spend the rest of my life with him. But I think that those few months are not so big if consider the years which I lived without Lew! Dear men and Ladies on this site. I wish you to meet your sweethearts here and be sure it's possible. And be happy as we are or happier if it's possible!!!