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Featured Couple: Olya and Dwain

19. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Happy Couple from HotRussianBrides.com

Well, we have been in Florida for over a month now. I love everything about it: the nature, the cozy green town Marianna, the friendly people. Most importantly I love the fact that we are together. Dwain says that he is overwhelmed with happiness! I was very touched when he introduced me to all his friends. They came with a big sign that said: “Welcome to your new home!” and they brought a gift for Masha. They chose a cute bear dancing ballet because they knew Masha is a dancer. They also gave me the Driver’s Manual so that I keep up with the American lifestyle. I was curious about Dwain’s job, so I asked him to take me to work with him. I loved it and I am now helping him a couple of times a week and make my own money. It also keeps me entertained. I was concerned about Masha’s school because she did not speak English. Well, Masha started going to school and she is a very popular girl. She scores 97-100 at the tests. She studies the language as she goes. She borrows books from the school library every day and Dwain helps her study. She made some friends too and got two invitations to birthday parties.


We spend our weekends taking trips, sightseeing, visiting museums, meeting friends and relatives. Initially we wanted to get married in Las Vegas, but we changed our plans and now want to get married in Key West probably around June 4th-9th. The ceremony will be held at the beach. The details have not been planned out yet, but we already have the dress for me, the suit for him and the rings. I think it will be beautiful.


I have not met any Russians in our town. In fact, Russians are something of a curiosity here. I have taught a few American friends how to say thank you and hello in Russian. Soon everybody in town will know these words.