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Featured Couple: Rob and Valya

4. February 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Find Love on HotRussianBrides.com Men find love on HotRussianBrides.com every day. Read about how Rob, a gentleman from the UK, found love in Ukraine after his previous marriage had not worked out.


What were your initial thoughts about international online dating before you began the process?

Rob: I must be honest and admit I knew very little about international online dating, I had only tried online dating in Britain and had imagined it would be similar. I was a little apprehensive for sure.


What motivated you to start your search for love online?

I had been divorced for a year and thought it was time to find someone to share my life.


Why did you decide to find love with someone from another country? 

I have always had an interest in Eastern Europe and liked the culture and history of the region. I was also aware that the girls are beautiful and make ideal homemakers and wives.


What are some of the things you found particularly romantic when courting your partner?

Finding an e-mail or message on my computer was always exciting, there were many special ones that touched my heart, Valya’s English was not good but she tried hard to make me understand her feelings.


What was it like finally meeting your love in person after corresponding online?

It was a little surreal, finally meeting the person that you had chatted to for many months, we met at the airport and I spotted her long dark curly hair straight away, she was unmistakeable and even more beautiful than I had imagined.  I was captured by her wonderful smile and sweet voice.


What was it like being in Ukraine for the first time?

Very strange, I have travelled a lot but not to Ukraine, I first visited in winter and it was bitterly cold, the River Dnieper was frozen.  I felt nervous on the first visit but soon became used to the public transport system and way of life.  I felt comfortable quickly and was surprised by the warmth of the people I met.


When did you know in your heart that you had finally met your soul mate?

On my second visit to see Valya I realised she was the one for me, we spent a ten day holiday in Yalta, Crimea. We had a fantastic time, the weather was warm and we spent many romantic times together, we both realised we had fallen in love on this visit.


What have you found to be most rewarding about finally finding your true love?

I now feel I have someone in my life who genuinely cares for me and thinks about me, I no longer feel alone and although we are far apart she is always with me, we chat regularly and I visit as often as possible. We plan to be together permanently very soon.


How does your partner complete you?

We are like to halves of a puzzle locked together for eternity,  I have never met a person with such a kind, caring nature. Her beauty and innocent charm make people smile wherever we go.


Lastly, what tips or pointers would you like to give other people like you searching for their soul mate on our site? 

Be patient and don’t immediately fall in love with the first beautiful girl you meet, speak to several girls at a time and slowly judge whose personality would suit you best.  Visit several girls, you will soon realise the ones who genuinely care for you. Don’t search for girls who are much younger than yourself, an age gap of 10-15 years is fine but don’t look for 18 year olds for sex, you will be disappointed! Treat the girls with kindness and respect, they will think so much more of you for this. Be yourself and don’t put up a façade and most importantly of all…. Be honest!  If you lie you will get caught out in the end!