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Featured Couple: Robert and Natasha

21. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Natasha: It was God’s will to bring me to this agency. I learned about it from a church friend. The agency has become very close and dear to me so quickly. I could not always make it to there to check my correspondence due to my work schedule, but I was so happy whenever I did get such opportunity. I always looked forward to visiting the agency and reading my letters. My most cherished dream had been to have a real family, a family who would love God. Robert is a marvelous, caring man who shares my faith in God. His emails and chats were so special to me. It felt as if we could continue talking forever. When Robert came to meet me, I was impressed even more with how thoughtful and considerate he was. He has combines the best of human traits, they are his nature. His heart is like the most precious diamond as it radiates love. Robert is God’s gift to me!


Robert: I can hardly convey on paper the emotions I have had meeting Natasha. This has certainly been the time of my life. I must be the luckiest man to have found her.