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Featured Couple: Rowland and Zhanna

1. February 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Rowland: "As a matter of fact I was in Poltava, Ukraine when you wrote to me. I spent two weeks with Zhanna and had a wonderful time. I captured her heart before I ever left the US but now things have been confirmed for both of us. I love her very much and I have asked her to marry me…"


"I was very satisfied with the support and information from the agency in Poltava preceding the trip. They (Lilia) answered all of my questions regarding what was required of me plus the costs involved and we agreed to an amount. There were no surprises in costs and that made it enjoyable for me in the business aspect of my trip. I had an excellent flat for the 2 weeks; transportation was on time and good (to and from the airport); and for me the best part was Zhanna was allowed to come with the driver and Lilia to meet me at the airport on my arrival in Ukraine. This is something that Zhanna requested and was allowed to do. I am certain that whether or not this is a good idea depends on the rapport between the man and woman that has already been established. For me it was simply the best because I treasured every moment I spent with Zhanna. Additionally, I thought the agency's fee was reasonable."


"Everything was positive about my trip except the attitude of the officials at the airport on my arrival..... but there is nothing you can do about that!!!!"