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Featured Couple: Svetlana and David

15. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

David: Sveta and I began writing in May, 2007. As time went on, we both knew we would be an excellent match! Our humor, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and everything was so much alike! Finally in December, 2007, I went to meet her in Sevastopol. Our first date was amazing! I had already made up my mind about wanting her for my wife, and to be with her for the rest of my life so I proposed to her on this very same night. She accepted, and now we are on our way to being the happiest couple on Earth.


I was SO pleased to find this beautiful woman with a depth of beauty, which goes all the way to her soul. Imagine everything is beautiful about her! I am very blessed to ever have found such a woman! It took me a few years of serious search, but I finally found the woman I have always dreamed of. Her family is GREAT! And her daughter Anastasia is such a cute young lady! I am pleased to think of all of them as my own family now!


I have met several nice ladies here through the years, but only now has everything been perfect! All I can tell you guys no need to settle for less of a woman, the best are all here.


Svetlana: Being happy is being with the person you love. I met my love, David, thanks to my agency that became the bridge connecting our hearts and souls. When I look into his soul I see my own reflection. Finding love, being happy and content are the feelings worth living for and they are the feelings both David and I experience. We are so happy together!


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