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Featured Couple: Tatyana and Jim

25. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Both Tatyana and Jim had been on [HotRussianBrides.com] for a relatively long time. Deep down they were disappointed and lost hope. I think this was partly why they lacked enthusiasm and were cautious with each other in the beginning of their communication. Tatyana had been married before and she has a two year old son. She was disappointed in men. Jim is a mature, wise man, 30 years older than Tatyana. He could hardly believe that such a charming young lady was sincerely interested in him.

With time their feelings became stronger. They were talking to each other more and more often and learned to trust each other. They decided not to make any promises, but meet and see how things work out.

After the meeting everything became clear. The couple knew that they did not want to part with each other ever again. The meticulous task of preparing the necessary documents for Tatyana to leave Ukraine is almost completed now. She is leaving Ukraine at the end of August and the happy couple plans to get married.