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Featured Couple: Todd and Oksana

5. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

OKSANA: Every woman’s dream is to have a family, a cozy home, caring husband and wonderful children. This agency is the place that helps you change your life. Just believe in yourself and the rest will happen thanks to the wonderful staff at the agency.


Our first chat took place in September and our first meeting in February. I remember this day very well. We met late in the evening on St. Valentine’s Day. I remember every moment we spent together. I remember the giant bouquet of pink roses and his sparkling eyes. The eyes that were full of light. I remember our first kiss and our first time we spoke of love.


I wanted to stop the time and stay in the moment forever. When you are in love, you think only about the person you love. It is almost like you live in a different world, a changed and better world. The world becomes more beautiful and bright and you feel as if you tread on air.


I am very happy that I was part of this agency. I am very grateful to the people who helped and supported me.