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Featured Couple: Willie and Sandra

6. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Sandra: Thank you very much for all your assistance and cooperation during my time being a member of this agency. It's been such a pleasure and I would recommend it to all that are interested in finding their true love!


Willie: First of all Sandra and I would like to thank the agency for their support and assistance in allowing us to find each other! As for me, I have been through trial and error through this agency in my search. Also I have met some very beautiful/interesting ladies here and some whom I would consider friends. When I first came here to the agency I was doubtful about finding my soul mate through the internet but I always felt that everyone in the world has a soul mate. I met Sandra about 6 months ago through her first letter to me and I was charmed by her thoughts on family life, her interests, her character and her beauty. Through the next few months we got to know each other and decided to meet in reality. Upon arriving at the airport and first seeing her and the beautiful smile I knew then that she was the lady I had searched for! We spent a week together getting to know each other even more, doing many things together and decided we were for each other. We spoke about marriage and getting engaged too:):). It was the best time of my life over those 7 days together and now I'm going again in about 2 months to spend more time together so we can make our engagement official. Sandra has expressed her love and great happiness to me as we have informed our families about this great time. Using this agency for my search was the best thing I have decided to do in a long time and we are very satisfied very much.