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Featured Lady: Dellicious, 23 y.o. Manager from Odessa

29. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Meet Dellicious, Hot Russian Brides’ newest featured lady. Here’s what the blond beauty had to say in her extended interview.

Share with us about your life and family...
I live in the beautiful city of Odessa. I have graduated this year with my Master’s degree in Economics. I am very proud of my achievements in education.

A typical day for me is to wake up early in the morning, have breakfast, and go to work. I am a manager of a defense company that produces locks. It is exhausting work, but it gives me the opportunity to live a nice life and rent my own apartment.

What are you looking for in a man?
I am looking for a mature man who knows what he wants and is loyal to his one lady. Also, I need a kind, generous, and hardworking man. I think you can tell if he is a good man by his words and actions.

How do you enjoy your weekends?
I like to meet up with my friends and go to the beach. Sometimes we will change plans and go to a museum or an art show. This is also the time I go to the agency to look for my future husband. It’s a rather long commute by bus, about 50 minutes. But I don’t mind because someday we will be together and all this searching will be worth the effort.

What is the motto of your life?
Everything is in our hands. The main goal is to do all that is necessary to reach what you wish for.

Visit Dellicious’ profile to learn more about this lovely lady.