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Featured Lady: LadyMystery1, 25 y.o. Secretary from Kiev

26. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Ready to meet another Featured Lady? Say hello to LadyMystery1, a determined young woman searching for a man who is full and life and passion. Here’s a bit more about the enchanting brunette. 


What are the qualities that you seek in your partner that are important to you?

I like men who are strong, self-confident, but caring and loving at the same time. Intelligent, but funny. Someone who loves to laugh and is positive. Stable and reliable, so that I can feel safe behind his strong shoulders.


What turns you on? 

People who are full of life, energy, passion, and enjoy life in every angle. Life is wonderful and too short not to live to its fullest.


What are your interests?

I like to listen to music. I can’t spend an hour without it. I love dancing! For me they work as release of my emotions and feelings. Also, I love reading. I read a lot, but unfortunately don’t have enough time for it recently.


What were you like as a kid? 

Shy, silent, and sweet girl. I always spent time around animals. I somewhat changed since that time :)


Let’s say I am visiting your city. What places I must visit to get a real sense of Ukrainian life?

Kiev is great, but you must visit Lvov. It is my favorite Ukrainian city with beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere.


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