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Feb. 26th is Svetlana's Name Day! (21 Pics!)

26. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Sexy Ukrainian single, Svetlana466

The name Svetlana is purely Slavic in origin, and it’s actually the feminine variation of the name Svetlan, meaning “light”. Some meanings of this name describe Svetlana as kind, pure, and artistic. She is known for giving good advice and maintaining a very fashionable appearance.


This name has a long history in Slavic life and there are many famous Russian and Ukrainian women named Svetlana. The name became increasingly popular with the 1813 poem by Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky titled Svetlana. A famous Ukrainian singer who shares this name is Svetlana Loboda, who was well known last year for the popular song “Be My Valentine”. Also, the only daughter of Josef Stalin shares this name, as well as the wife of the current Russian president.


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Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Svetlana981

Attractive Russian woman, SvetlanaAnd

Romantic Russian bride, Svetlana366

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