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February 8th is the Day of Science in Russia

8. February 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

On February 8th, Russia celebrates the Day of Science, a holiday that was introduced in 1999. On this day in 1724, The Russian Academy of Sciences was founded by the order of Emperor Peter I.


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian scientists, saying, "For an effectively developing economy, Russia needs a developing science. Russia has always had outstanding scientists and scientific schools. The prestige of Russian science in the world has always been high. At present, a country cannot compete in the world’s economy without up-to-date technologies."


The holiday comes at an appropriate time since earlier this week Russian scientists reached the subglacial Lake Vostok after decades of drilling. Located beneath Antarctica, they broke through more than three kilometers of ice and plan on taking clean samples of water during the next Antarctic summer which will be in December of this year.


"For me, the discovery of this lake is comparable with the first flight into space," said Valery Lukin, the director of the Russian Antarctic Expedition. "By technological complexity, by importance, by uniqueness."


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 Source: Voice of Russia