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Feeling Discouraged? Don’t Give Up!

29. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

While we would love to say that every member of HotRussianBrides finds love quickly and easily, it’s simply not the truth. Many members face frustration and disappointment before finding a spouse and the Russian dating process takes time. Men who want to find a Russian bride must be patient and they mustn’t let a few setbacks halt their search.


Frustration and disappointment is simply a part of the dating experience. It doesn’t matter if the dating is online or off, every single has had a disastrous date or a bad breakup. Most traditional daters would never give up on finding love because of a bad experience or two, so why do so many Russian daters call off their search after an online relationship fizzles out or a first date doesn’t result in a love connection? Yes, these experiences can be frustrating, disappointing, and even heartbreaking, but they are a normal part of the Russian dating experience and certainly not reasons to give up.


If you find yourself wanting to call it quits, take a break and allow yourself time to cool off. Gentlemen who do often find that things aren’t as hopeless as they first appeared and are ready to give Russian dating another shot. The “Tips & Advice” category of this blog can help steer you back on track and the “Featured Couples” section can provide some much-needed encouragement.


It’s normal to get discouraged from time to time, but the men who are successful on HotRussianBrides are those who brush discouragement aside and continue their search for love. As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Patience, a positive attitude, and a refusal to give up, greatly improve your chances of finding a Russian bride.