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Feofaniya Park, a Sweet City Escape

30. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

When visiting your favorite Ukrainian brides near the capital city, consider enjoying a romantic stroll in a park off the beaten path. Feofaniya Park sits on the southern outskirts of Kyiv and was named after the bishop who discovered it.


Home to the monastery of St. Pantheleimon, patron of healers, this park is also known for the St. Michael and St. Nicholas springs. Some people wash their faces with the spiritual waters, bottle some as souvenirs, or quench their thirst with a cool drink.


Several different themed walking excursions are available for guests of Feofaniya. From short one hour tours of the central part of the park to three hour explorations that include a visit inside the monastery, guides are eager to educate and entertain. Bike rentals are also available to cruise around the complex.


View these beautiful photos of Feofaniya Park and picture yourself ambling along with a lovely Ukrainian lady!