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Fibrillation – Atmospheric Russian Horror Videogame

12. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Ever have a dream where you are trapped somewhere and can’t find your way out? A new philosophic horror game from independent Russian video game designer Egor Rezenov captures the feeling with eerie accuracy.


The game graphics are simple, but effective. The object of this first-person game is to stay calm while negotiating your way through twisted hallways and staircases. Haunting screams come from the other side of walls. Trapped birds dart at your head as you walk through the attic. The character’s heartbeat pounds harder in your ears as panic slowly sets in.


There are no save points. The object of the game is to find your way through the entire game in a single bout. The game can be finished in about 40 minutes, which is great for adult gamers who don’t have hours to dedicate to extended campaigns. For the best experience, play in the dark with headphones. 


The game was, incredibly, designed in three weeks on a budget of $180 US. It can be purchased from the designer’s site or on indie game site Desura.