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Final Round! Ludmillka, Blueberrry, Tesora

23. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

We first began with 81 beautiful ladies and your votes have narrowed down the selection to 18 finalists. The contest is almost over, with only 3 days of voting remaining. Who will become the Hottest Russian Bride of the Summer?


Some gentlemen are giving their votes to the Ukrainian woman with the best contest video, while others are picking their favorites based on the profiles. Some members are introducing themselves to the ladies, enjoying conversations with them all, and then placing their votes.


Voting ends August 26. Congratulations to these 3 girls who are still in the running for the title!



Ludmillka is a beautiful blonde bride from Odessa, Ukraine. She's self-confident and kind, loving and tender. Visit the contest page to view her video.



Blueberrry is a gorgeous girl from Zaporozhie, Ukraine. She likes helping people and bringing them good luck. Visit the contest page to view her video.



Tesora is a beautiful brunette from Zaporozhie, Ukraine. She's intelligent, hardworking, loving, and kind. Visit the contest page to view her video.