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Financial and Cultural Burdens Gentlemen Bear When Marrying a Russian Woman

24. August 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Marry a Russian WomanRussian dating takes time, dedication, perseverance and patience. And it costs money. Not only does it cost money to be a member of quality site like ours, but to travel, meet and possibly to emigrate her to your home country. You need to be prepared for the reality of this process if you honestly plan on going through with marrying a Russian or Ukrainian woman through HotRussianBrides.com.


The process works best for men who have disposable income and wherewithal to provide for another adult. Why? Gentlemen who are not financially strapped will be able to give themselves the time to get to know a lady, to travel to meet her and to bear the financial burden of fiancée visas, a move halfway around the world and a newly transplanted member of the family who will not be able to generate income of a while after moving.


Keep in mind that there is also a cultural and educational burden as well. Think about it: in Russia or Ukraine, people don’t always have cars as there is adequate public transportation. In the US, unless you live in NY or Chicago, you need a car to do everything. Do you have a second car? She may not even know how to drive, so you will need to spend time (or money) for her to learn. And how is her English? Will she need lessons or a tutor? Does she have adequate clothing for your climate? Can her stomach handle fast food or the diet you are used to consuming? Will she be able to interact with anyone in your neighborhood?


It’s not that a Russian woman “won’t want a poor, working man” like you, it’s that if you are not willing and able, you will not be able to maintain a healthy relationship if you are not prepared to be a provider. The last thing you want to do is go through the process and bring a lady over, only to keep her sequestered in your home, cut off from the outside world. Keep this in mind if marriage is your goal and understand that you have a huge responsibility.


Russian women are educated and resourceful, so in a few months she should be holding her own and helping out with bills, but while she becomes acclimated to your country and finds a job, this responsibility will be yours.