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Finnish Men Experience Ukrainian Culture In Concert

15. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Since 1998, The International Ukrainian Cultural Center in the Finnish town of Tampere has been acquainting Finns with Ukrainian traditions, history, art, and most importantly, music. 


Over 700 concerts have been conducted in more than 350 cities, from Helsinki in the South to Kittilä in Lapland, and from Pietarsaari in the West to Imatra in the East; even on the Aland Islands!


Finnish men who are dating Ukrainian women online like to experience the ladies’ culture as often as possible. Fortunately, several traditional folk groups perform concerts frequently in Finland.


Grajte, Muzyki – Cossack Ensemble from Slavyansk

The instrumental and vocal compositions of Grajte, Muzyki reflect the centuries old history of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the fate of the Ukrainian people. The band’s repertoire includes patriotic and march songs of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Cossack ballads as well as deeply lyrical tunes and comedy songs.



Kanon – Sacred Music Ensemble from Cherkassy

Kanon was created in 1991 by choral singing enthusiasts and the ensemble will be touring Finnish cities next month. From the monastic melodies of the XVI century to the Orthodox singing of the XIX-XX centuries, Kanon also performs Ukrainian folk songs as classic choral music and works of contemporary Ukrainian composers.



Ozorniye Naigrishi – Folklore Ensemble from Donetsk

Founded in 1988, Ozorniye Naigrishi is an award winning ensemble that impresses audiences worldwide with their amazing voices, traditional instruments, authentic costumes, and original choreography. The group has released four albums with over 100 folk songs.




Malvy – Bandura Trio from Cherkassy

Three talented Ukrainian women make up Malvy and they’ve been performing together since 1992. The foundation of their repertoire is Ukrainian folk songs, works of Ukrainian composers, as well as foreign classics. They are noted for their pure and mellow sound.



Yaroslavna – Folk Ensemble from Cherkassy

With four talented instrumentalists and the sophisticated singing voice of Valentyna Makhnyk, Yaroslavna performs lyrical and playful compositions, ritual songs and Cossack ballads.



Look for these and other Ukrainian musical groups performing in Finland!