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First Ever Russian Space Funeral

13. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Veteran space engineer, Vitaly Fedorov, wanted his ashes to be among the stars. In August, aboard the Soyuz rocket, his wish will come true. Fedorov passed away last week in Novosibirsk after a long battle with an illness. This will be the first space funeral for the Russian space agency.


A special urn will be transported into orbit and ejected into open space. A course has been set for the ashes to circle the Earth several times before burning up in the atmosphere.


A space funeral was held for another Russian space worker, Boris Yakushin, in 2004, but it was the NASA crew that shuttled the mission. Space burials are actually available to common citizens as well. One company called Celestis offers "Memorial Spaceflights" into Earth's orbit for as low as $2,495. If you would rather your ashes be launched into lunar orbit or even deep space, prices start at $10,000.


Photo credit: https://news.ngs.ru