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Five Secrets to Russian Dating Success

6. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Signed up for Hot Russian Brides and unsure how to proceed? Following the advice in these five tips can make all the difference in your romantic success:


He Who Dares, Wins

Do not hesitate to be the first to send a message. While making first contact is one of the more uncomfortable parts of online dating, Russian and Ukrainian ladies generally like a man who is unafraid to make the first move.


Keep It Short and Sweet

It can be tempting to spill your whole life story in an initial email. But, overly long and personal messages can wind up scaring a lady off. Keep your first email somewhere between a few sentences and a couple of paragraphs. End with a question about her so that she has something specific to reply with.


Keep Things Balanced

Make sure that your conversations have plenty of give and take. No lady likes being grilled with question after question. And, no one likes to chat with someone who is all me, me, me. Volunteer a little about yourself then ask a bit about her. This back and forth makes conversation more natural and fun.


Courtesy Counts

Ladies respond well to gentlemen who are kind and polite. Don’t grill her with questions or become impatient. If you have a misunderstanding, stay calm and take a few emails to clarify things and work it all out. 


Don’t Get Hung Up on Results Right Away

Chances are, you will not wind up living happily ever after with the very first lady who you contact. It can take a bit of trial and error to meet someone and hit it off. Chat with a few different ladies to find out more about them and learn whether you are compatible. Just enjoy the process of meeting exciting ladies from the other side of the world, and don’t get too caught up in finding The One until you have built up a rapport with one or two special ladies.


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