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Five Things That Get Your Dating Emails Answered

24. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Online dating is generally exciting and fun. But, there can be a lot of anxiety during some parts. The part that most people who engage in online and international dating dread most is waiting to hear back once they have messaged someone interesting. And, it can be very disappointing when you don’t get a reply. While no one can ever guarantee that every message a gentleman sends will get a response, there are ways to stack the odds in your favor:


Start By Contacting Many Potential Matches

Successful online dating is a numbers game. There are a lot of reasons a gentleman may not hear back from any particular lady that have nothing to do with his approach. She may have met someone else, may have trouble getting to the agency to get online or could have recently decided to take a break from international dating. There is no way to know, so, a smart gentleman sends out messages to many ladies in the early going. Trust us – there are plenty of ladies on Hot Russian Brides who are worth meeting!


Keep It Short and Sweet

Three to five sentences is a good length for a first email. No need to tell your entire life story. Long, wall-of-text messages are far less likely to be read, never mind answered. Not only is it overwhelming to get this much information from a gentleman a lady does not know yet; the language barrier will make such a message fatiguing to read. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time to get into deeper detail with one another later.


Comment on Something Specific on Her Profile

This shows that you have actually read her profile and not just looked at the pictures. Find something specific to compliment, such as her smile or an interesting hobby.


Be Polite

While compliments are wonderful, sexual or crude comments are likely to get a gentleman who has forgotten his manners blocked. Also, avoid demands and peppering her with endless inquiries. These are all off-putting and unlikely to get a response.


End with an Open-Ended Question

Ask her what she likes to do on the weekend, or her favorite places to travel. Including a question gives her a cue for where to start her next message. And, leaving it open-ended means that her answer is not limited to “yes” or “no.” 


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