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Five Types of Men that Women Don't Marry

1. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

While there are many factors that may turn a woman off from a particular man, the following archetypes are notorious for convincing women that a man is not marriage material.


“Peter Pan” This is the type of guy who missed the train to adulthood.  He is obsessed with video games, gets enthusiastic about playing “beer pong” at the next keg party and orders pizza or Chinese food for dinner every night.  While this kind of guy may be entertaining for a date or two, he shows no sign of a future.  He can’t keep a job for more than a few months and has no goals beyond improving his Xbox 360 Gamerscore.  Women meet this guy and all they see is a “Dead End” sign. 


“Wandering Eye” While few reasonable women will begrudge their guy noticing a beautiful woman, it is one thing to recognize beauty and another to undress her with your eyes.  Men who constantly ogle every woman who crosses their path make their date feel inadequate.  No woman has the energy to keep fighting for their man’s attention indefinitely, so at some point his lingering gaze, sleazy smirk and inappropriate behavior will convince his lady to throw in the towel and move on.


“Mr. Moneybags” Whether you have a lot of it or very little of it, women can’t stand men who are obsessed with money.  Having it and flaunting it is just as much a turn off as bringing coupons to your first date or circling the area for 20 minutes to avoid paying the parking meter or valet attendant for parking.  Dating is supposed to be about getting to know your date’s personality and interests, not his bank account register.  There’s nothing wrong with spending your money if you have it or looking for a good deal if you don’t; but don’t let your net worth get in the way of your date’s fun.


“Material Boy” This is the guy who always has to have the latest toys.  He buys a new luxury car with all the options, the hottest new iPhone, a motorcycle, a new boat, whatever new gadgets are fresh on the market.  With all these new amusements and toys to keep up with, a woman has to wonder where she fits in.  Or, even worse, if in his quest to always have the best and newest toys, she’ll eventually be replaced by a shiny new model as well.  Women don’t like competition on the whole, especially not with material possessions.  A man who is too into buying these status symbols and entertaining gadgets can’t pay sufficient attention to his lady, and she’ll soon be out looking for someone who can.


My mom does my laundry  While in some cultures it is socially acceptable to keep living with your parents even after you enter into adulthood, a man who is still dependant on his mother to take care of him sets off a multitude of alarms.  She cleans his laundry, cooks his meals, tidies up his room and makes all his decisions for him…no woman wants to date him and risk taking over this all consuming job.    Women are looking for a husband and partner, not a codependent man-child.


Now, even if you fall into one (or many!) of these categories, this is not to say you are a hopeless case.  In fact, you may even find a woman who is just as into gadgets as you are, has racked up more achievements in Rock Band than you have or actually enjoys taking care of her partner.  However, many women see these qualities as signs that a man is still growing up and is not quite ready for a serious commitment.  These guys aren’t all bad, but they need to recognize what it is about themselves that may be turning women off and either showcase their more desirable qualities…or even reconsider their habits and priorities.