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Five Ways to Fit in When You Travel to Ukraine or Russia

11. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

You know the stereotype: the loud American tourist who refuses to learn any of the local customs and wants everything to be just the way it is back home in the states. Not only does this make you stand out like a sore thumb, it can keep you from fully enjoying your trip overseas. Our tips can help you fit right in and make the most of your trip to meet your Ukrainian or Russian lady.


Be Sure to Get Local Currency

Or, at least download a currency conversion program for your phone if you wish to pay for things in US dollars. This makes it quicker and easier for merchants to handle your transactions, and will certainly be greatly appreciated. You can acquire local currency at your bank before your trip or once you are on the ground in the FSU.


Learn a Few Phrases of Russian

There’s no need to be fluent. But, your trip will go more smoothly if you have at least the ability to order some coffee and find your hotel. Russian phrase books are helpful. Our partner agencies in Russia and Ukraine can also help with translation services.


Skip the Starbucks and McDonald's

Yes, they have both of those in Russia in Ukraine. But, it seems silly for a gentleman to travel thousands of miles for a Big Mac. Let your Russian bride suggest restaurants that excel at local cuisine so that you can truly experience the best the country has to offer.


Do Not Offer a Running Commentary on How Americans Do Things

While there will doubtless be a few processes that are much easier in the states, it would be rude to say so to your hosts. Discussions of cultural differences are fine, and can be fascinating for all involved; but, you risk insulting Ukrainian people, leading to hurt feelings.


Dress to Impress

In preparations for your first meeting with your lady, pack clothes that would be appropriate to wear to a business meeting. Ukrainians and Russians are sharp dressers, and your bride will be flattered that you make the effort for her. Be sure to also have weather-appropriate clothing for the time of year you visit. 


A trip to Russia or Ukraine to meet a couple of special Russian ladies is exciting. Not only do you get the opportunity to perhaps fall in love, you have the chance to get a unique look at another culture. Bring your most adaptable attitude and your sense of adventure to create a memorable trip.