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For Heart Health, Choose Beer over Vodka

8. July 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

The heart-health benefits of wine have been well-known for some time. But, what if you’re more of a beer or liquor kind of guy? Researchers recently checked into possible heart health benefits of beer, vodka and non-alcoholic beer.


To investigate whether any of these could have heart health benefits, they compared the three in a recent study. The researchers checked the heart health of 17 men in their 20s and 30s using two measures: endothelial function, which measures how easily blood flows through arteries, and aortic stiffness, which shows whether the arteries are hardened or relaxed.


The scientists had the guys each drink 400 milliliters of beer (a little more than is in a 12 ounce bottle). Both the ease with which blood passes through major arteries and the stiffness of their blood vessels improved after drinking a beer. After drinking vodka, artery stiffness was improved, but, blood flow was not. They had the same result when testing non-alcoholic beer.


The researchers think that beer’s combination of alcohol and antioxidants are what make it more effective than either vodka or non-alcoholic beer, and say that the effects of beer on heart health merit further examination.


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