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Foxy Ukrainian Fencer, Olga Kharlan

5. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

As a saber specialist, Olga Kharlan won gold in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. She recently won a silver medal in the World Fencing Championships in Kyiv and now she has her sights set on gold in London. 


"I’m sure fencing is a sport, above all, of the mind, of intuition and then of the body," Olga says. "The main thing is to outwit your opponent; you need to be a step ahead of him. If you don’t do it, he will."


Born in Mykolayiv, the southern Ukrainian town home to ship building and one of the nation’s fencing training centers, Olga was raised by sporty parents. Her father trained yacht crews and swimmers, while her mother was involved in archery and athletics. 


"I was a restless child so my mother brought me to sports," she says. "Everything else, I did all by myself." 


Keep your eye out for Olga Kharlan in the London Olympics. She's training harder and sacrificing time to herself; all for the Olympic dream.  


"We train hard for at least three hours a day, getting up early in the morning for a jog, then training, then personal lessons after lunch," she explains. "When I get back to my room, I don't even have the strength to watch TV."


"Plus I'm often away for a long period of time and I sacrifice everything related to my parents and my family," she continues. "I see them very rarely, but I speak to them on the phone or over the internet... I'm dreaming of another Olympic medal at London 2012 and I will strive for that." 


Source: Kyiv Post