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Free vs. Paid Dating Sites, Why Spending is Smarter

23. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

You hear the phrase all the time: you get what you pay for. So what exactly do you get when you pay nothing? Do you receive the same experience and results from a free online dating service compared to a paid one? Definitely not. Here’s a few reasons why it pays to invest in finding your Russian bride.


Quantity vs. Quality

Free dating sites boast thousands, or even millions, of available singles at your disposal. What they can’t affirm is whether these ladies are who they say they are. Are you chatting with Beverly? Or is it really Billy? Is she serious, or just playing games? All too often users of free dating sites find out the lady that had been courting online is actually a bored housewife just having some cyber fun. Free dating sites may have the quantity, but they largely lack the quality.


HotRussianBrides has the best of both worlds. With over 13,000 beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women online, you have the benefit of a large and lovely selection. Also, there is the assurance that members are chatting with real single ladies that are truly searching for their perfect match. Each Russian bride provides identification and records a validation video verbalizing her reasons for being on the site. Knowing you are building a relationship with a real lady that is seeking her soul mate just like you are is well worth your investment.


Customer Service

With more businesses and services going online, the most crucial aspect is going by the wayside. Customer service is sadly slumping on free dating sites. Many users complain of waiting days for a reply back to an emailed concern or question. Prefer to talk directly to a live human over the phone? Forget it. Most free dating sites don’t even allow this option.


HotRussianBrides’ customer service team goes above and beyond all other dating sites. The first in the online dating world to introduce Live Web Hostesses, HotRussianBrides offers several ways for members to get answers immediately. Send an instant message right away to a web hostess or make a phone call. Email is also available and is usually answered within 24 hours. Many of your questions or concerns are probably already addressed on the Frequently Asked Questions page or right here on the HotRussianBrides Blog.


There are other reasons why investing in a Russian dating experience is more worthwhile than risking your time on a free dating site. Once you are ready to meet your favorite Russian lady, the expert travel liason at HotRussianBrides is like your personal travel agent so your trip to Russia or Ukraine will be easy and exciting. From start to finish, HotRussianBrides is by your side to assist in this journey. The benefits you gain surely justify the costs. After all, finding and marrying the Russian bride of your dreams is priceless.


You still like the idea of trying a service first before you buy? Sign up for a silver membership and receive your first 3 days at no charge!