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From Russia with Love

4. April 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

Finding Love Across the Ocean In this day and age, it can be extremely difficult to find someone who values the things that go into making a traditional home life: romance, loyalty to family, and a warm, loving place to grow and build a life in. Sometimes, it can seem like there's no one who still wants those things in the 21st century. That's not true, though — sometimes it just requires looking outside one's immediate circles and casting an eye abroad. While many shy away from the concept of "mail order brides" online, making contact with potential Russian brides is actually a valid (and often rewarding) way to find a solid, loving relationship. Russian brides come from a culture that still values family life, intelligence, cultural exchange, and many other things that North American culture has started to lose sight of. More than anything, they want love, family, and stability — things many American men are also on the lookout for and may feel unable to find. When it comes to finding an intelligent, engaged partner, Russian brides are a perfect fit. Recent studies show that Russia is the most educated country in the world, with more than half the population having some form of higher education. Engaging with Russian women opens up learning opportunities for both parties, both in terms of linguistic and cultural exchange, and opens the door to a relationship with an intellectual equal. For those looking for a comfortable home life with a wife who loves to cook, it's worth noting that Russia has a rich culinary culture, with some of the most diverse cuisine in the world. Russian brides are some of the best cooks one could ever hope to meet. To truly appreciate what Russian brides could bring to one's life, though, it's best to take a look at them. One goes by the name Jumalla (User 862026) and hails from the Ukraine. Petite, auburn-haired, and modestly dressed, she professes a love of horseback riding and can be seen in her photos in the company of a loyal Dalmatian. Her profile is down-to-earth: she takes pride as a chef (especially when it comes to seafood), cheers herself up with rock or jazz when she's sad, and has foregone clubbing and the dating scene in favor of finding someone she can start a family with. What does she look for in a man? Loyalty, family values, good conversation, and devotion to maintaining a long-term relationship. The concept of Russian brides may seem to many to be some sort of punchline, but in actuality they're a positive way to find love and companionship. Russian women are intelligent, cultured, and deeply rooted in family values. It's a rewarding way to find love in the modern age, and can lead to relationships that last a lifetime.


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