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Fun, Themed Restaurant in Kiev: Corsair

17. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

This Ukrainian seawoman is searching for her seaman!

Enjoy an entertaining and romantic dinner with your favorite Ukrainian lady at Corsair Restaurant in Kiev. The interior design resembles an authentic pirate ship from the heavy wooden furniture to the chains, ropes, and ancient treasure maps adorning the walls. Portholes with views of fish-filled aquariums add to the ambiance and give a real feeling of being out at sea.


The cuisine of Corsair is prepared by an incredible French chef whose extensive menu offers specialties from around the world, including traditional Ukrainian dishes. Also, since all pirates love their bottles of rum, the Corsair bar has plenty of beverages including horilka, cognacs, whiskeys, tequilas, and premium rums. They also offer specialty drinks such as Joy of Corsair, Devil’s Tail, Captain Silver, and Black Beard, which will make any pirate shiver his timbers.


So whether you’re a landlubber or a freebooter, treat your Kiev girl to a romantic date at Corsair for a jolly good time.


Corsair Restaurant in Kiev

Corsair Restaurant in Kiev

Corsair Restaurant in Kiev


Source: www.kiev.info