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Gallery for Russian Arts and Designs Opens in London

13. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Old Soviet postcards and posters are often considered masterpieces and now through August 31st, many of them are on display at the new Gallery for Russian Arts and Designs in London. 


Called "See USSR," the inaugural exhibition takes issue with "the widely accepted notion of the striking heroic and industrial imagery projected by the Soviet Union throughout late 1920s and 1930s," describes the website.


It shows "a very different country – a country of leisure, comfort and luxury, the USSR through the looking glass."


The new gallery’s director, Elena Sudakova, co-curated the exhibition together with Irina Nikiforovna. They hope to find corporate funding for the not-for-profit gallery to continue the program of "rarely seen graphic arts... from Russian collections and specially commissioned pieces."


They also hope to eventually establish a permanent Museum of Russian Art in the city.


The next exhibition to be displayed in September will be called "Tatprom" and it will "stimulate discussion of Utopian architecture in the Russian context through the exhibition of scaled models of two of the most distinctive projects of their time: Tatlin’s Tower and the Gazprom Tower."


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