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Game on for Hot Russian Tennis Star Vera Zvonareva

14. October 2009 by James 0 Comments

There has to be something in the water in Russia. How can one country produce so many hot women who are gifted athletes to boot? Just one look at sexy Russian tennis star Vera Zvonareva and most men would be willing to chase tennis balls outside all day in Moscow in the middle of January.


Grand Slamming Body

Vera has been success off the court with photo spreads in Pro Sport Magazine, Tennis Magazine, and for Ralph Lauren, and in runway fashion shows in New York and Milan. Fashion experts agree that graced with natural good looks, stunning eyes, beautiful skin, and a womanly, athletic body, Vera could well be a professional model. 


Tough on the Court

Before each match, Vera can be seen with her iPod on shuffle, getting herself psyched up. Apparently, it’s working.


In the latest World Tennis Association (WTA) rankings she is ranked as the 7th best female player in the world. Vera has eight WTA Tour single titles; four WTA doubles titles and two International Tennis Federation (ITF) titles since she became a professional in 2000. She can claim a Grand Slam doubles champion, with titles at the 2006 US Open and the 2008 Fed Cup, which helped Russia win its third Fed Cup title in four years.  In Beijing, she took home the Bronze Medal for Russia in the 2008 Olympics.


Giving Back

Off the court she gives much of her time to charity. Last month Vera was in Moscow to participate in the congress of UNESCO “Education for Sustainable Development”.  As a supporter of world-wide gender equality, she was invited to give a speech before the assembly of representatives from more than 25 nations.  While she was there took part in a clinic. Vera signed autographs, took pictures and helped 50 lucky children improve their tennis game.


A Diplomant in Training

Two years ago when she suffered a season-ending wrist injury, Vera enrolled in the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Holding a BA in physical education, Zvonareva is studying for her masters in international economic relations and international affairs.  Vera said that from her many travels meeting ambassadors, U.N. officials and other influential people her dream after tennis is to work for the United Nations.


Vera Zvonareva proves that there is much more to the stereotypical hot Russian woman. Sure she can be sporty, sexy, alluring, but at the same time she is intelligent, caring and thoughtful. For some more pleasant surprises just go to HotRussainBrides.com and see what awaits you.