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Gentlemen of Stockholm: Only Kyiv Has More Beautiful Women Than Your City

7. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Stockholm, Sweden, with its gorgeous blue-eyed blondes, has women that are considered among the most beautiful in the world. But, there is one city that, at least on one list, beats even Stockholm’s beauty: Kyiv, Ukraine. According to the folks at Traveler’s Digest, Kyiv, Ukraine’s ladies are the most gorgeous in the world.


The site’s authors say that a visit to Kyiv is awe-inspiring any time of year, but that summer is the best time to go. During the summer months, Ukrainian ladies can be seen along the Dnieper River and at Hydropark Island wearing bikinis and taking in the summer sun.


The ladies in Kyiv, the article says, are as smart as they are beautiful. When it comes to numbers of university graduates, Ukraine ranks fourth in all of Europe. And, Kyiv has the largest concentration of universities in the country.


How gorgeous are the ladies of Kyiv? Check out some of the beauties below: