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Get Fit for Your Russian Bride

13. September 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

While the ladies of HRB don’t expect to marry a Greek god, they naturally want a husband who is healthy and fit. If you’ve shifted away from a healthy living, now is a great time to get back on track. Here are a few simple tips to help you along the way. Get fit for her, your future family, and, most importantly, yourself! 


Go to the Doctor

Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor, but this needless aversion can take a serious toll on your health. If you’re feeling ill, get checked out. Not only can a doctor effectively treat your symptoms, but he or she can also make sure it’s nothing serious and keep the problem from getting worse. Don’t skip important check ups either. Getting checked for conditions like prostrate cancer may be unpleasant, but the simple visit can save your life.


Eat From Dishes, Not Bags or Containers

Want to eat less? Don’t munch from bags or chips or cartons of ice cream. It’s too easy to lose track of portion sizes and calories. Instead, try using a plate or bowl so you won’t be tempted to have “just a little more.” The same goes for pizza. Grab a slice or two and then put the box away.


Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

While everyone knows that exercise is great for the body, many people neglect to get out and get moving. Does this sound like you? If trekking to the gym isn’t your thing, try biking through a scenic park or running errands on your bicycle. Hiking, jogging, and playing sports are a few other fun ways to exercise without it feeling like a chore.


Lose the Belly Fat

Studies have shown that men and women with too much belly fat die sooner and suffer from more health conditions than people with flat stomachs. To lose excess fat around the middle, Men’s Health advises eating small meals throughout the day and incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine.

Visit Men’s Health for more tips on staying fit and healthy.