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Get Into a Russian Dating State of Mind

20. June 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Are you approaching Hot Russian Brides with the right attitude? Here are three things to know about getting into a Russian dating state of mind.

First, realize that finding a Russian match takes time. It takes time to identify potential matches. It takes time to get to know promising women. It takes time to plan a trip and time to make the journey. Despite what some stereotypes might suggest, Russian dating is not a shortcut to love. If you approach HRB expecting to find a bride within a few days or weeks, you’ll likely be disappointed. Instead of rushing through the international dating experience, try to relax and enjoy yourself.

It’s also important to have realistic expectations about the kind of women you’ll meet on HRB. Many men come to international dating websites because they have a romanticized view of foreign women. They believe women from Eastern Europe/Asia/South America are slender, beautiful, traditional women who are perfect in every way. Naturally, men who hold these beliefs are bitterly disappointed when they fail to find a fantasy woman. If you hope to find a Russian match, realize that that the women of Eastern Europe aren’t infallible creatures, and that they’re prone to the same flaws and baggage as anyone else.

Finally, don’t succumb to scammer paranoia. While it’s important to keep a clear head and healthy dose of skepticism, scrutinizing a lady’s every word and action for signs of a scam is a surefire way to poison a relationship. Instead of approaching a lady with a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude, try giving her the benefit of the doubt. You can’t build a relationship with anyone if you assume the worst and are constantly on guard.

In essence, men who have the best shot at finding love on HRB are patient, realistic, and able to trust. Are you in a Russian dating state of mind?