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Getting to Know the Ladies of HotRussianBrides.com

8. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

While getting to know new women on HotRussianBrides.com is fun and exciting, many gentlemen also have a lot of questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the getting acquainted process, as well as some basic tips and advice for our members.


Do the Ladies Prefer Email or Chat?

Many gentlemen want to know if they should chat with a lady on HotRussianBrides or send an email. That depends. Some ladies prefer live chat to email because they think it’s quick, easy, and fun, while others prefer email because they believe it’s a great way to share detailed information and practice their English skills. The only way to learn a lady’s preference is to ask her, and as long as a gentleman respects a woman’s preference (rather than pressuring her to use his preferred method of communication or implying she is a scammer because she prefers chat to email or vice versa) the two should have no problems.  


What Should I Say?

Many gentlemen aren’t sure how to start a conversation with the ladies on HotRussianBrides. While every situation is different, common interests, a lady’s photos, favorite things, and current events are generally good topics. Sex, Russian scammers, ex-girlfriends and wives, health concerns, war, death, these are topics a gentleman should avoid, at least in the first few emails or chat sessions.


How Do I Know If She Really Likes Me?

Some gentlemen want to know how they can be sure if a lady is serious about them. While every lady shows affection differently, it’s generally a good sign if a lady compliments a gentleman, opens up about her feelings, invites a man to visit, and talks about a future with him. Men who aren't sure about a woman's feelings shouldn't hesitate to ask.


How Much Time Does It Take?

Many members of HotRussianBrides also want to know how much time they should invest in getting to know a lady before planning a first visit. Unfortunately, like many questions on this list, there is no definite answer. Every lady and every couple is different and the only way to truly know when to visit is to discuss the issue with the lady.

When it comes to questions about getting to know the ladies of HotRussianBrides, the best tip we can offer is to communicate with the women. While we’re happy to offer basic tips and advice, the lady is ultimately the best person to ask about communication preferences, relationship goals, and first visits.