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Girls of Summer - Sirens of Sevastopol

22. June 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

The Crimean Peninsula is one of the oldest and most marvelous parts of the world. Tales of myths like Amazons, Kenthavros and Odysseus are said to have emanated from this area. Sevastopol is one of the major cities in Crimea, whose strategic location on the Black Sea has soaked it in military struggle thoughout its long history. Aside from its history, there are beautiful beaches that are usually clad with beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine.


Welcome to the first installment of our Girls of Summer pictorial series, through which we hope to highlight local beauties at Ukraine's top beach destinations. Up first, the Ladies of Sevastopol. Enjoy! Click on a photo to visit that lady's profile.


WhiteLover, 22


SweetMe, 25


Anatasia, 21


Ayrinka, 24


LettleGirl, 19


First, 20


IdealKate, 21


Gulya, 22


TimeForLove, 22


Penelope89, 23


IrinaGentle1, 48


MayGirl, 22